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                                                                                Mario DeCiutiis


Mario studied classical percussion at NYU with Morris Lang from the New York Philharmonic.  Subsequently, he attended Queen's college and received his Bachelors's Degree in jazz performance and electronic music studying vibes with David Friedman.  In 1979 he was contracted as principal percussionist with the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra and has held that position ever since, playing thousands of shows.   He has performed Broadway and Off-Broadway shows in New York City as well as national road tours including West Side Story, Bitter Suite, and Mississippi Queen Cruise Lines.  He is featured on numerous studio recordings including a Grammy Award winning Children's CD, Sesame Street Goes Country.


Since 1986, Mario fulfilled the role of Vice President of KAT Inc., involved in the creation, design, manufacturing and world-wide distribution of KAT electronic controllers.


In 1996 Mario became President and CEO of Alternate Mode Inc. Alternate Mode manufactures the complete line of KAT MIDI Percussion Controllers. Alternate Mode also focuses on the education of MIDI Percussion. The creation of allows for free internet classroom presentations on many topics concerning today's percussionists.


Mario continually creates and hosts percussion camps and seminars throughout the country. Visit his website for more information.




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